Scope & Objectives


The scope of this group includes all ICT interfaces, application level protocols and standardized software services supporting all required business models and platforms of the stakeholders within the EV market. Initially, we intend to focus on unique identifiers, data models, attribute lists and data structures including those to enable interoperability of market places and clearing houses.


The overall objective is to harmonize the ICT data definitions, formats, interfaces, and exchange mechanisms to create and/or enhance eMobility ICT standards.

  • The short term objective is to agree on the detailed scope and work plan including a methodology to achieve transparent and open processes.
  • The medium term objective is to support EV market ramp-up and interoperability of major current EV initiatives by developing eMobility ICT de facto data standards to be jointly implemented.
  • The long term objective is to involve more partners to achieve widespread international harmonization and globally accepted and implemented ICT standards for the EV markets.

This eMI³ Group will enable its membership to faster reach these objectives and to:

  • go global for faster and more effective international harmonization and standardization
  • define global and generic ICT use cases for EV charging services
  • derive corresponding reference architecture and interfaces
  • support dissemination at political level