How to join

The eMI³ AISBL is an “Association Internationale Sans But Lucratif” (Non-Profit International Association) which will be officially registered in November 2015.

Legal documents of this Association are the:

  1. eMI³’Statutes (in French / English)
  2. eMI³ Internal Regulations (IR) (English)

If your organisation wants to join the eMI³ Association you will have to access to the Association which includes the following elements:

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  1. eMI³’s goal is to harmonize e-mobility ICT standardization process and remove obstacles to drive faster market development and adoption (Statutes art. 3)
  2. eMI³ strives to develop license-free standards
  3. One of eMI³’s objectives is to contribute to the establishment relevant standard specifications; this may lead to collaboration with a standards body or organization
  4. The general organisational structure of eMI³consists of the General Assembly (Members) , the Steering Board (reporting to the General Assembly), the Coordinator (ERTICO-ITS Europe) and tasked Working Groups (IR sections III & IV)
  5. eMI³ has three levels of membership with graduated fees and associated rights, responsibilities and liabilities (Statutes art. 5;  IR Annex I & III)
    – Full: Full voting rights, board eligibility, WG Chair eligibility and full document access
    – Associate: Full voting rights and full document access
    – Supporter: Working group participation and partial document access
  6. IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) are strongly inspired by the broadly accepted and understood CEN CENELEC standards. IPR rules and conditions are based on Fair, Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory (FRAND) policies. eMI³ support a IP declaration process for the early identification of standards essential IPR. Processes in place promote early IPR declaration
  7. eMI³ works under a confidentiality policy as defined in IR section VII.9
  8. Liability and indemnification policies are defined in IR section VIII
  9. The eMI³ Statutes and Internal Regulations (IR) is construed according to and governed by the law of the Kingdom of Belgium.

Joining Instructions

Any organisation can join the eMI³ group in its new format by:

  1. Downloading the Membership-Package which includes the which includes the following three documents, the: Statutes, Internal Regulations (IR) and an excerpt of the IR Annex IV in Word format (Declaration of Accession to the Association)
  2. Filling, printing and signing the Annex IV mentioned under 1.
  3. Sending a signed version as a .pdf and the organisation logo to:
  4. finally sending the original signed version to:Jean-Charles Pandazis
    eMI³ AISBL Coordinator
    c/o ERTICO – ITS Europe
    Avenue Louise 326
    B-1050 Brussels

The eMI³ Steering Board will then proceed to the approval of the membership.

Participation is subject to a fee related to the chosen membership level and a joining fee as indicated into the Annex III of the Internal Regulations document (updated on a yearly basis).