Working Groups

This Working Group is in charge of describing the use cases and services which are in scope for eMI³ group. The use cases provide a common “language” and understanding within the group and are the basis to derive the architecture and interfaces for WG2

  • Definition of format and tools to describe the use cases
  • Definition of first set of uses cases
  • Continuous extension of use cases

This Working Group is in charge of:

  • creating/ freezing the reference architecture
    • First for Use Cases ‘unadvanced’ roaming
    • Plot GeM descriptions on existing reference architecture
    • Use reference architecture as a ‘static’ model (reference) to make clear where one system ends and the other begins, shows the connection(s) between the involved actors.
  • Creating interface descriptions

This Working Group is in charge of describing the business objects that will be used during service transactions between EVSE manufacturer and EV service providers within eMI³ group.

The objective of this Working Group is the execution (of agreed) and creation of proposals for eMI³ board and GA concerning: stakeholder management, Liaison creation and management, eMI³ organizational and legal structure

  • Initial setup of the required organizational and legal structure
  • Stakeholder management development and deployment
  • Future adaptation of the organizational and legal structure to comply to changes in the e-mobility space

This Working Group is responsible for the definition of a communication protocol between EVSEs and backend systems. The work is based on the new work item proposal on backend communication prepared in Green eMotion. The Working Group will:

  • analyze existing protocols,
  • define use-cases and
  • prepare a preliminary protocol description document